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Activities for the AUA Leadership Program

An outline of activities for the AUA Leadership Program is provided below. These are scheduled activities for the Leadership Program, but mentors and Leadership Class participants are also encouraged to meet at Section meetings, at the mentor's workplace, at a local political fundraising event or even for dinner on at least one occasion during the year. The calendar of activities includes:

Spring 2016

Welcome Reception/Social Event at Annual Meeting

During the May 2016 AUA Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, a Welcome Reception/Social Event is held to formally announce the incoming Leadership Class. Past graduates, mentors and other AUA leadership are invited to attend this event for an evening of networking and camaraderie.

Summer 2016

Kickoff Weekend

The Kickoff Weekend is designed to provide an introduction to the structure, governance and strategic initiatives of the AUA; highlight key program areas within the AUA, and provide activities for the Leadership Class to identify key competencies for urologic leaders, understand the importance of good communication skills and work with a mentor to develop leadership qualities – all while providing networking opportunities in a relaxing atmosphere.

Summer 2016

Group Projects/Conference Calls/Webinars

The AUA encourages mentors and mentees to hold conference calls, meetings or webinars as often as possible to touch base on selected leadership articles and readings about leadership strategies, ideas and tactics. Progress on the group projects are also a main topic of conversation.

March 2017

Advocacy Conference

Jointly sponsored by the AUA and the American Association of Clinical Urologists (AACU) in Washington, DC. AUA government relations and advocacy staff will provide an overview of the political process and review the AUA's current positions on key political issues. Leadership Class participants will have a special session that teaches them the nuts and bolts of the political process (e.g., how a bill becomes a law, the role of the Political Action Committee (PAC), how to get politically involved, how to set up a meeting with elected representatives). Leadership Class participants will also be given the chance to visit "the Hill" to meet with a member of Congress.

May 2017

Graduation at AUA Annual Meeting

The culmination of the Leadership Program experience, the participants will be honored for their accomplishments over the past year and for graduating from the Leadership Program with a reception in their honor. Members of the AUA Board of Directors, along with the program's mentors and graduates from the previous Leadership Program classes, will be present for this event, which is held at the 2017 AUA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.


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