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AUA Leadership Program

Application opens July 20, 2015

In 2004, the AUA and its Sections launched the AUA Leadership Program to identify urologists who have demonstrated effective leadership skills within organized medicine or the community. This program seeks applicants who are driven to tackle future roles of responsibility within the AUA. This is a call for younger AUA members to polish their leadership skills, take advantage of networking opportunities and become better acquainted with AUA programs and services. To date, 107 AUA members have participated in one of six Leadership Program classes since its inception.

Every two years, there is a selection process for the next incoming class of program participants. To qualify, candidates must be American Board of Urology (ABU) (or equivalent) certified urologists, and 15 years or less out of training, and have demonstrated leadership skills. The candidate must have an interest in developing these skills to serve their Sections and the AUA as future volunteer leaders. They must also be Active members of the AUA and the AUA Section where they live and practice.

Benefits of the Leadership Program

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