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AUA Policies

The AUA maintains official policy and position statements on a wide variety of urologic topics. These statements are developed through the consensus of experts and are designed to address specific issues faced by urologists and their patients. While they may complement AUA Clinical Practice Guidelines or Best Practice Statements, they should not be confused with these documents.

Development and Approval Process

Statements may be formulated based on discussions among staff, AUA committees, officers and the Board of Directors. These statements are consensus-based and are developed by staff in concert with input and feedback from physician experts. All AUA policies are reviewed by staff (and experts as needed) on a regular basis or as needed if current events or new research warrant prompt revision. Final approval of official AUA policies is made per majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Policy Statement Archives

The Board of Directors' minutes serve as documentation of approved policy language and any primary discussion points regarding the creation of a new policy. Past policies and revisions may be researched through previous Board of Directors' minutes and archival materials.

Policy on Use

All statements are available online here and may be used with appropriate citation (including most recent date of revision).


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