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Didusch Museum

The William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History of the American Urological Association (AUA) is presently located at the AUA headquarters in Linthicum, MD. The Didusch Center is named in honor of William P. Didusch, a world-renowned medical artist at the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute, and the first curator of the AUA's museum. The museum was conceived by Didusch and opened in 1971.

The Didusch Center encompasses a rich and varied collection of drawings, photographs and instruments of historical importance to urology, many displayed in our urological exhibits. The center also houses a library devoted to urological and early medical texts and the AUA archives.

The museum collection features most of Didusch's original drawings, as well as an impressive instrument collection—gained primarily through donations by urologists such as Dr. Ernest F. Hock of Binghampton, NY, Hans Reuter of Stuttgart, Germany and Dr. Adolf A. Kutzmann of Los Angeles.

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Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes is intended to showcase the contributions of individuals who want to relate experiences, both medical and non-medical, of unique urological professionals. Hopefully they will help us see into the hearts, minds and souls of our urological colleagues and predecessors. And the archives will preserve these stories for future generations.

Hometown Heroes will expand the esteem of not only the individual, but urological history as well. We invite you to take the time to write about your favorite urologist and read about your colleagues who make life so interesting.

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