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Necrology Report

E. Darracott Vaughan Jr., MD

E. Darracott Vaughan Jr., MD
New York, NY

1939 – 2016

AUA President 2001 – 2002
Gold Cystoscope Award – 1981
Distinguished Contribution Award – 1992
Hugh Hampton Young Award – 2000
Ramon Guiteras Award – 2011

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Dr. Vaughan was internationally recognized for contributions to the study of the urologic causes of hypertension and renal physiology, most notably in the pathophysiology of renal obstruction, adrenal disease and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Dr. Vaughan was chairman emeritus of the Department of Urology, the James J. Colt Professor of Urology at the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and the attending urologist-in-chief at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He received his medical degree from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville where he completed his residency. He was a trainee under an NIH training grant while in residency and received his masters of science in surgery. Subsequently, he was a special fellow in urology under the Public Health Service at Columbia-Presbyterian in internal medicine and then returned to the University of Virginia where he obtained a research career development award and was funded through a grant from the American Heart Association. Dr. Vaughan was President Emeritus of the American Foundation for Urologic Disease (now known as the Urology Care Foundation), co-chairman of the Prostate Health Council, chairman of the AUA Research Committee, deputy chairman of the National Kidney and Urologic Disease Advisory Board, AUA New York Section President (1987-1988) and American Urological Association President (2001-2002). The AUA honored Dr. Vaughan's career achievements with the 1981 Gold Cystoscope Award, 1992 Distinguished Contribution Award, 2000 Hugh Hampton Young Award and 2011 Ramon Guiteras Award. He also received the Barringer Medal from the American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons, Valentine Medal from the New York Academy of Medicine and the St. Paul's Medal from the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

Charles W. Logan, MD

Charles W. Logan, MD
Little Rock, AR

1934 – 2015

Distinguished Service – 2003

Thomas A. Stamey, MD

Thomas A. Stamey, MD
Stanford, CA

1928 – 2015

Hugh Hampton Young – 1972
Ramon Guiteras Award – 1995
Eugene Fuller Triennial Prostate Award – 2001

Robert J. De Klotz, MD

Robert J. De Klotz, MD
Fresno, CA

1928 – 2015

William P. Didusch Art & History Award – 2009

John N. Wettlaufer, MD

John N. Wettlaufer, MD
Steilacoom, WA

1930 – 2015

Presidential Citation – 2010

Sen. Ted Stevens

Sen. Ted Stevens
Dillingham, AK

1923 – 2010

Presidential Citation – 1992

Hovey Dabney

Hovey Dabney
Charlottesville, VA

1923 – 2007

Presidential Citation – 1995


Name City, State Date of Death Membership Type
Zeid M. Abughosh, MD Amman, Jordan unknown International
Rolf Ackermann, MD Düsseldorf, Germany 02/12/2015 Honorary
Thomas W. Ayres, MD Daytona Beach, FL 02/21/2008 Senior
David B. Baddour, MD Moultrie, GA 08/24/2015 Associate
Benjamin Bashinski Jr., MD Macon, GA 08/08/2012 Senior
Yitzhak Berger, MD Livingston, NJ 10/18/2015 Active
William C. Baum, MD Bradenton, FL 06/06/2015 Senior
Donald G. Blain, MD Saint Clair Shores, MI 05/20/2014 Senior
Edward M. Blight,Jr., MD Charlotte, NC 02/02/2015 Senior
Zaher N. Boctor, MD Oak Brook, IL 11/19/2014 Senior
A. Waite Bohne, MD Savannah, GA 02/17/1998 Senior
Tomi Lin Bortolazzo, MD Mammoth Lakes, CA 10/13/2015 Active
N. Lewis Bosworth, MD Lexington, KY unknown Senior
Roberto Rocha Brito, MD Campinas, SP, Brazil unknown Honorary
Gene M. Broth, MD Hidden Hills, CA 11/07/2010 Senior
George V. Burkholder, MD San Antonio, TX 04/15/2012 Senior
Michael F. Buscemi, MD Andover, MN 10/22/2009 Senior
William C. Casey, MD Toluca Lake, CA 10/13/2005 Senior
Chanderbhan M. Choithani, MD Whitefish Bay, WI unknown Senior
William M. Clifford, MD State College, PA 01/02/2013 Senior
Steven S. Cohenour, MD Tulsa, OK 07/28/2002 Senior
Bernard E. Cohler, MD Chicago, IL 04/15/1999 Senior
Samuel K. Cohn, MD Birmingham, AL unknown Senior
Hovey Dabney, MD Charlottesville, VA 02/09/2007 Honorary
Robert J. De Klotz, MD Fresno, CA 03/01/2015 Senior
George M. Decherd IV, MD Austin, TX 05/12/2015 Senior
Guillermo Delgado, MD Miami, FL unknown Senior
Engin Deniz, MD Williamsburg, VA 08/15/2014 Senior
Priyakant Desai, MD Dayton, OH 02/23/2015 Senior
Parker S. Dorman, MD Gaithersburg, MD 09/24/2013 Senior
Jack Newton Dunn, MD Hendersonvlle, NC 11/20/2015 Senior
James M. Eaton Jr., MD Newnan, GA 03/28/2015 Senior
John W. Edwards Jr., MD Hilton Head, SC 05/31/2015 Senior
Sears E. Edwards, MD Garden City, NY 08/14/2015 Senior
Jack A. Evans Jr., MD Spartanburg, SC 03/05/2010 Senior
John Hughes Farrer, MD Olympia, WA 04/18/2015 Active
James L. Fawcett, MD Naples, FL 06/23/2013 Senior
Arch W. Fees Jr., MD Duncansville, PA 11/17/2012 Senior
Thomas J. Ferraro, MD Virginia Beach, VA 01/28/2016 Senior
Roy P. Finney, MD Weeki Wachee, FL 02/15/2013 Senior
William E. Forsythe, MD Cleveland, OH unknown Senior
Ferenc F. Gabor, MD Vancouver, WA 02/01/2015 Senior
Robert N. George, MD Pittsburgh, PA 03/18/2009 Senior
Elbert H. Goodier, MD Metairie, LA 03/24/2016 Senior
Christopher A. Graf, MD Sheboygan, WI 04/17/2015 Senior
John P. Grant Jr., MD New York, NY 09/15/2014 Active
Daniel B. Gute, MD Wellesley, MA 07/18/2010 Senior
Hector P. Gutierrez, MD Black Mountain, NC 02/09/2015 Senior
Ali A. Hakim, MD Palm Springs, CA unknown Senior
David F. Harder, MD Willmar, MN unknown Senior
John M. Harper, MD Pompano Beach, FL 07/03/2015 Senior
Richard H. Harrison, III, MD Bryan, TX 09/27/2005 Senior
James W. Headstream, MD Little Rock, AR 03/06/2013 Senior
Charles H. Hemminger, MD Northampton, MA 04/15/2015 Senior
Archie L. Hewett, MD Fort Smith, AR 11/30/2015 Senior
Joseph W. Hooper Jr., MD Wilmington, NC unknown Senior
Bill F. Horton, MD Palm City, FL 09/27/2010 Senior
John H. Hoskins, MD Sioux Falls, SD 04/30/2009 Senior
Robert P. Huben, MD Amherst, NY 10/25/2011 Senior
Jack Hyman, MD Owensboro, KY 09/03/2007 Senior
Albert H. Joslin, MD Mobile, AL 09/03/2007 Senior
Henry Kammandel, MD Austin, TX 07/01/2012 Senior
John T. Karaphillis, MD Palm Harbor, FL 12/20/2004 Senior
William M. Kaylor, MD Cleveland, OH 10/14/2014 Senior
Salman O. Kazmi, MD Great Falls, VA 09/10/2010 Senior
Robert C. Kettunen, MD Bellaire, MI 09/05/2009 Senior
J. Lamar King, MD Griffin, GA 09/18/2004 Senior
Glen E. Lewis, MD Houston, TX 07/18/2015 Senior
Charles W. Logan, MD Little Rock, AR 06/23/2015 Senior
Ben D. Massey Jr., MD San Marino, CA unknown Senior
Donald J. McKenzie, MD Thomasville, GA 01/28/2009 Senior
John H.O. Mertz, MD Venice, FL unknown Senior
James O. Metcalfe, MD Edmonton, AB, Canada 01/30/2014 Honorary
Hoyt B. Miles, MD Reno, NV 10/20/2009 Senior
Sylvia Montag, DO Jersey City, NJ 05/07/2014 Associate
Joseph E. Montie, MD Columbia, MO 12/22/2010 Senior
Dana Brand Moody MD Savannah, GA 09/02/2015 Active
Andrew L. Morgan, MD Kamuela, HI 09/29/2015 Senior
S. Grant Mulholland, MD Chester Springs, PA 11/22/2015 Senior
Joseph E. Murray, MD Wellesley Hills, MA 11/26/2012 Honorary
Charles L. Pentecost, MD Beaumont, TX unknown Senior
Robert J. Phaneuf, MD North Smithfield, RI 12/04/2015 Senior
Elisabeth P. Pickett, MD Boulder, CO 02/14/2010 Honorary
Harry S. Pond, III, MD Daphne, AL 01/28/2012 Senior
John D. Pumphrey, MD Fort Worth, TX 11/17/2012 Senior
Joseph J. Rando, MD Conway, SC 02/12/2016 Senior
Pramod R. Rege, MD Orlando, FL 11/03/2014 Senior
Richard Leslie Reiser, MD Brooklyn, NY unknown Active
John J. Robbins, MD Louisville, KY 12/11/2006 Senior
Dean G. Robinson, MD Mission, TX unknown Senior
Raymond Rosenblum, MD Charleston, SC 05/26/2011 Senior
H. Shepard Rowland Jr., MD Richmond, VA 07/30/2015 Senior
Sheldon Rudansky, MD Cedarhurst, NY 09/06/2014 Senior
H. R. Safford III, MD Denver, CO unknown Senior
Dwayne L. Sargent, MD Yacolt, WA 09/14/2005 Senior
John Barlow Sawyer Jr., MD Tucson, AZ 01/21/2015 Senior
Ben Schnitzer, MD Dallas, TX 03/29/2012 Senior
Sheldon Simeon Schoen, MD Fairfield, NJ 03/24/2015 Senior
Robert F. Seymour, MD Cleveland, OH unknown Senior
Michael J. Shaughnessy, MD Pittsburgh, PA 02/22/2015 Senior
John L. Shaw, MD Warminster, PA 10/01/2008 Senior
Bijan Shekarriz, MD Virginia Beach, VA unknown Senior
Melvin M. Simmons, MD Sarasota, FL 10/27/2012 Senior
H. Lawrence Smith, MD Tallahassee, FL unknown Senior
W. T. Snodgrass, MD Lubbock, TX 02/15/2013 Senior
Anthony L. Spirito, MD Hillside, NJ 02/06/2002 Senior
Thomas A. Stamey, MD Stanford, CA 09/04/2015 Honorary
Sen. Ted Stevens Dillingham, AK 08/09/2010 Honorary
Edward A. Stika, MD Fallbrook, CA 03/27/2011 Senior
Charles Edward Stitt, MD Modesto, CA 12/10/2014 Senior
James R. Stivers, MD Goshen, KY unknown Senior
Bernard S. Strauss, MD West Orange, NJ unknown Active
James H. Sullivan, MD Columbus, GA 01/01/2008 Senior
John J. Summers, MD Los Angeles, CA unknown Senior
David A. Swanson, MD Landrum, SC 01/13/2016 Senior
Miles Kiyoshi Tashima, MD Lafayette, CA 06/29/2015 Senior
W. Jefferson Terry, MD Mobile, AL 08/07/2015 Active
Jose L. Valdes, MD Cumberland, MD 11/21/2015 Senior
Andres I. Vargas Jr., MD Willard, OH 09/10/2013 Senior
E. Darracott Vaughan Jr., MD New York, NY 04/21/2016 Honorary
Jose M. Wasmer, MD Miami, FL unknown Senior
Ira A. Wasserberg, MD New York, NY 12/07/2015 Senior
Raul F. Waters, MD Monona, WI 07/23/2014 Senior
Wade S. Weems, MD Linville, NC 12/14/2008 Senior
John N. Wettlaufer, MD Steilacoom, WA 09/20/2015 Senior
Ralph U. Whipple, MD Norwalk, CT unknown Senior
David Innes Williams, MD London, United Kingdom 05/03/2013 Honorary
James E. Williams, MD Columbus, OH unknown Senior
John A. Wolf Jr., MD Yakima, WA 05/30/2015 Senior
Roger M. Wolfert, MD Plano, TX unknown Senior
Changjun Yin, MD Nanjing, China unknown International
Theodros Yohannes, MD Xenia, OH 08/19/2015 Active
Woody N. York, MD Tampa, FL unknown Senior
Mark Daniel Ziffer, MD Delray Beach, FL 04/04/2016 Senior


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