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Patient Education

The Urology Care Foundation is a leading advocate for patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers, working to provide the most accurate and current urologic information and education. We are committed to offering free patient education materials on a variety of urologic conditions and treatments based on the highest standards of urologic health information—the evidence-based AUA clinical guidelines. These materials are available to AUA members, healthcare professionals and organizations to help patients understand their symptoms, treatment options and strategies for maintaining good urologic health. Order Urology Care Foundation patient education materials from the Urology Care Foundation Patient Education Order Form, or through the AUA Products Store.

The Urology Care Foundation is raising awareness through public urologic health campaigns:

It's Time to Talk About OAB—Overactive Bladder (OAB) is a condition that affects millions of Americans and can significantly impact one's quality of life. However, studies show that people may wait up to 10 years before discussing symptoms with their healthcare professionals. The goal of the It's Time to Talk About OAB campaign is to raise awareness of Overactive Bladder as a public health issue and help people better understand their OAB symptoms and treatment options by talking with their healthcare professionals. On, both patients and healthcare professionals can find resources to get the conversation started.

It's Time to Talk About SUI—One in three women experiences Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Although SUI can interfere with quality of life, it is often left untreated due to the personal nature of its symptoms which may leave women feeling embarrassed about their bodies and hesitant to discuss or report their urinary leakage. The Urology Care Foundation launched It's Time to Talk About SUI, our first major public health awareness campaign for women, empowering patients and their healthcare professionals to have open discussions about the condition. Resources about SUI are available on

The Urology Care Foundation and the National Football League (NFL) teamed up to tackle prostate cancer with the Know Your Stats About Prostate Cancer® campaign. Know Your Stats® is a national conversation about prostate cancer risk, diagnosis, treatment, and for some, learning to live with the disease and its aftermath, which is making a difference for the more than 200,000 American men who will be diagnosed every year. Through the example of our favorite heroes of football, larger-than-life athletes like Pro Football Hall of Fame member and prostate cancer survivor Mike Haynes, Know Your Stats® has been a lifeline for men who don't know their risk, or have already been diagnosed with prostate cancer. On, men and their families can find patient education resources and can search for upcoming prostate cancer testing and educational events in their area.

The Urology Care Foundation also provides a website,, with online patient resources and information on over 140 urologic conditions and treatments. Refer your patients to today!


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