American Board of Urology
The American Board of Urology, Inc. is organized to encourage study, improve standards, and promote competency in the practice of urology. The objective of the Board is to identify for the public’s knowledge those physicians who have satisfied the Board’s criteria for certification and recertification in urology. The Board arranges and conducts examinations testing the qualifications of voluntary candidates and grants and issues certificates to accepted candidates duly licensed to practice medicine. The certificate is the property of the Board, which the Board holds the power to revoke. The Board also evaluates and examines individuals for recertification.

The AUA has four (4) Trustee positions with the American Board of Urology, each serving a 6 year term. Each is appointed by ABU based on AUA providing a list of 10 nominees. AUA's list from the previous year may be refreshed/confirmed with additions/deletions documented and communicated to ABU.
Job Requirements:  See ABU Trustee Information for information on expectations and time commitment.
AUA Contact:  Nancy Waid, Committee & Society Affairs Coordinator

Nominations for ABU positions are received from AUA Sections each October. Contact your Section Administrator to express an interest in serving as an ABU Trustee.