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ISE/OKAT Advanced Instructions

AUA Exam Prep Checklist (Systems Checks) [pdf]
Proctor Checklist [pdf]

Again this year, the In-Service Examination (ISE) will be a 172-item, computerized multiple-choice examination. The American Urological Association Education and Research, Inc. sponsors the In-Service Examination to assist residency program directors, faculty, and residents in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the education of their training program, as well as the performance and progress of individual residents. There is no pass or fail level for this examination in contradistinction to the Qualifying Examination (Part I) of the American Board of Urology.

The purpose of the In-Service Examination is to improve the quality of resident education by providing objective data to faculty and residents. It is not designed to judge the competence of residents. It is the responsibility of the Program Director that it be treated as such, and administered under "secure, monitored conditions." This includes preventing the duplication of the exam by proctors and residents. If the AUA becomes aware that any program is disclosing, reproducing or discussing the content of any part of the examination, the program will be disallowed from future participation in the ISE.

IMPORTANT: The Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test (OKAT) will also be given at some (not all) of the same sites as the In-Service Examination. The OKAT will be held in the same room, using the same proctors. Like the ISE, the OKAT is a closed book computerized exam. No reference materials are allowed in the room during the exam. The Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test is approximately 115 questions. It should begin at the same time as the In-Service with 3 hours allowed for completion instead of 4 hours for the ISE. Proctors: Please follow the same procedures when administering the Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test as you do the In-Service Examination, with the exception of the difference in time allowed. Please refer to all OKAT instructions.

Computer Preparations

IMPORTANT: During first two weeks in November, a System Check and Secure Browser Download will need to be performed. Please complete the System Check and download the Secure Browser on ALL computers (for ISE and OKAT participants, when applicable) that will be used during the exam. Failure to complete these activities may jeopardize the successful administration of the AUA ISE at you program. The AUA Site Readiness URL is: Please see our Secure Browser Download and System Check Screenshots document [pdf] for additional instruction at the top of this page.

Facilities Planning

If you will be using a testing center for your exam, be sure to confirm whether the browser can stay on the computers until exam day. Please contact your test center administrator regarding the timing of the download. It is also recommended that you check with the administrator regarding availability of back up computers, should they be needed.

The facility in which the examination is to be administered should consider the security of the exam as well as the following:

  1. Two proctors must be in the room during the administration of the examination to ensure that the exam remains secure.
  2. The room should have adequate ventilation, light, and silence.
  3. A clock and/or chalkboard for timing of the examination would be helpful although not required; a timer is included in the software on each computer screen.

Timing of Examination

Proctors should arrive early to the exam room with enough time to launch the AUA Secure Browser on each of the workstation that will be used to administer the cISE before the examinees arrive. If examinees use personal laptops, they must arrive early so that proctors can complete the computer station set-up. Please see our Examinee Computer Station Set-Up [pdf] and AUA In-Service Examination Proctor Instructions documents for additional instruction on the Day of Exam: Materials page.

The ISE is designed to be administered in one continuous 4-hour block. The 4-hour block may be scheduled anytime on the date of the examination; however, residents participating in the examination must be scheduled for the examination prior to that date. The examination may be scheduled twice during the day to meet the convenience of the proctors and the residents; however, November 18 is the only day the examination may be administered. Residents who are required to take the exam after sundown for religious reasons may do so only on Saturday, November 18. If residents require an evening exam, proctor arrangements should be made in advance and approved by the AUA Office of Education. Please note that, the exam must be completed by midnight in your time zone.

Note: The Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test is allotted 3 hours for completion. It should be started at the same time as the In-Service Exam, but will end sooner. Please note that the Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test will not be administered at all test sites.

Proctor Changes

AUA Exams Staff must be alerted as early as possible if either of your designated proctors have changed. New proctor information will need to be added into the software before the exam can be administered.

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