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Education for APN/PA/Allied Health

Background: The 2012 AUA Educational Needs Assessment conducted by the Office of Education in November 2012 indicated that 65% of urologists who responded (academic and private practice) are interested in learning how to integrate and utilize physician extenders. The greatest educational needs the urologist indicate for advanced practice nurses (APNs) and physician assistants (PAs) are: OAB/non-surgical, Stone Management, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Surgical Assistance, Urologic Oncology, Female Sexual Dysfunction. At the May 2013 AUA Board of Directors meeting the Board tasked the Education Council, with support from the APN/PA Education Committee, to outline content for curriculum in the 6 key subject areas identified.

A task group was assembled comprised of three representatives from the Education Council and 3 representatives from the APN/PA Education Committee. The task group was asked to identify specific knowledge and skills that will enable the development of education modules for training advanced practice nurses and physician assistants in each of the six topic areas outlined above. Per the APN/PA Education Committee, the content developed may also be of interest to the entire urological allied healthcare team.

The 3 members from the Education Council, John Mulhall, MD, Cheryl Lee, MD and Timothy Brand, MD, and 3 from the APN/PA Education Committee, Lou Koncz, PA-C, Ashleigh Decker, PA-C and Thomas McBride, PA-C, worked together on this project. They identified the professional practice gap, educational need, desired outcomes, learning objectives, target audience and existing AUA resources for each of the topic areas. In addition, the task group developed interactive educational modules for each of the 6 key topic areas. Each module will be released on a bi-monthly basis and will additional resources on the topic highlighted.

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