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International Residency Grant Program

Through the AUA's International Residency Grant Program, the AUA has created connections with more than 400 programs around the world, and more than 700 International Residents-In-Training are AUA members. Participating in the International Residency Grant Program provides an opportunity to build connections among the Program Directors, their residents and the AUA.


To encourage International Urological Residency Programs to support AUA membership recruitment among International Residents-In-Training (IRIT).

To Qualify

To Participate

The AUA works diligently to collect and maintain current contact information of residency programs from around the world to keep them informed about special opportunities such as this program. View a list of residency programs by country that the AUA currently has on file.

  1. If your program is not included on the list of residency programs above, submit a Contact Information Form.
  2. If your program is listed, we still encourage you to complete and submit this form to ensure we have the most current contact information for your program.
  3. Encourage your residents to apply for AUA Membership online between now and February 18, 2015

As part of the International Residents-in-Training requirement, residents must submit a letter of endorsement from their program. Download an endorsement letter template. This should be signed by the residency program director, printed on program letterhead and confirm the applicant is a resident in good standing, along with the expected graduation date.

Winners Selection

Prizes & Recognition

Program Responsibility

Report back to the AUA with the names of the residents who received the Update Series subscriptions.

Funding Responsibility

The AUA, as a 501(C)(6) organization, makes this grant available to the Urological Residency Programs as stipulated herein.


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