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Module 4: Confidential/HIPAA

Upon completion of this module, the resident should be able to:

  1. Describe the history and current status of the physician's duty to protect patient confidentiality.
  2. Describe and utilize the ethical rationales for the physician's duty to protect patient confidentiality.
  3. Identify the grounds for justifiable, ethically valid breaches of patient confidentiality.
  4. Describe the requirements imposed on physicians by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

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Additional Resources

A provocative article on the presentation of confidentiality issues on ER can be found at

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has a comprehensive biography on confidentiality in health care at

A good, brief summary of the confidentiality and privacy issues in health care can be found at

The issue of adolescents, privacy and confidentiality is explored at

The Park Ridge Center for Health, Faith and Ethics is a good source of information on a range of topics in medical ethics, including the role of physicians as stewards of health information.  See

The “myth of confidentiality” is exposed and explored at

The federal Agency for Health Research and Quality offers a comprehensive bibliography of resources on confidentiality at

The various ways in which confidentiality can be breached in health care are explored at

Posttest / Transcript

Module: 4 ETHICSMOD-4 Confidential/HIPAA Posttest Available  

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