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Pathology for Urologists

Cystitis Cystica

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  • Nests of benign urothelium in lamina propria with cystic dilatation.
  • Encountered as incidental finding, most often in the region of trigone.
  • May appear grossly as pearly or luminescent cysts with intact surface urothelium (image A).

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  • Histology:
    • Well-defined nests of urothelium with a centrally dilated lumen (like von Brunn's nests but with a hole in the middle) (image B), (image C), & (image D).
    • No columnar or Goblet cells present (in contrast to cystitis glandularis).
  • No evidence to consider as a neoplastic precursor lesion.
  • Similar in von Brunn's nests, extension of CIS from surface urothelium into cystitis cystica does not constitute invasion.


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