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The AUA Residents Committee Teaching Award

Q.Why did the AUA Residents Committee establish this award?
A.The goal of the award is to annually recognize an outstanding urology educator or program director who has dedicated a portion of his/her career to teaching residents. This award also serves to recognize an individual who influences residents to pursue a career in academic medicine.

Instructions for Nominations

Q.Who is eligible for the AUA Residents Committee Teaching Award?
A.Any urology staff participating in a resident education as part of an ACGME accredited urology program is eligible.

Q.What are the criteria for selection?
A.Criteria for selection include a demonstrated commitment to education in the following ways:

  1. participation as a PD or faculty member in an accredited urology residency program
  2. evidence of dedication and effectiveness in teaching residents
  3. behaviors which are value-based and highly principled
  4. a consummate role model

If you are re-submitting a previous nominee, an updated letter of recommendation is all that is necessary.

Copies of the following information are requested.

  1. a completed application
  2. 1 letter of support from the department chair or program director*
  3. 1 letter of support from a resident who has been taught by the nominee
  4. 1 additional letter of support from another faculty member or resident
  5. nominee's curriculum vitae

*As part of your letter of support, please include the following information:

Deadline: January 31, 2014

AUA Residents Committee Teaching Award Winners


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