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White Paper Standard Operating Procedure


In accordance with its commitment to quality improvement and patient safety, the AUA develops white papers on patient safety and other critical quality issues facing urology. While not as comprehensive as an AUA clinical practice guideline, a white paper does contain a review and qualitative assessment of the available literature on a topic approved by the AUA Board of Directors. A summary of the findings along with physician expert opinion and consensus are then developed by a panel of experts in collaboration with a methodologist. White papers typically take 9-12 months to complete which allows for addressing important topics in a timely manner. The following stages represent the white paper development process:

The AUA widely disseminates the white paper to its members, other physicians, and the general public through AUANews, the Policy & Advocacy Brief, and other AUA publications. In addition, the AUA ensures currency by conducting a literature review every three years following publication to determine if revisions are warranted. Learn more about the AUA's Standard Operating Procedures for Developing White Papers.


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