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2018 Annual Meeting
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New/Renewal Course Application Form

Application Deadline: June 6, 2016

Please note: Employees or representatives of commercial interests cannot direct the selection or presentation of content and may not submit a course application.

NEW for 2017: To best deliver education to our members and attendees, all courses (aside from Hands-On) will be scheduled for a two-hour timeslot. Information regarding our programming change will be forthcoming.

NOTE: Due to the amount of text being submitted in some form fields, you may wish to type and save the information first on your local computer (such as in Microsoft Word) and then copy & paste into this form.

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Renewal of 2016 Course *Please note: Selecting this option will submit your 2016 course application immediately as a two-hour IC course. To review and/or make any changes to your application before submitting for 2017 please email:

Disclosure Information

In accordance with AUA Board of Directors policy and requirements of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), all individuals participating in AUA activities must submit Disclosure/Conflict of Interest information on an annual basis.

Please click here to update or confirm your disclosures for the past twelve months.

  • Courses will be scheduled Friday through Tuesday May 12 - 16, 2017 in Boston, MA
  • NEW for 2017:
    • Courses are broken down into two categories: Hands-on (HO) and Instructional Course (IC).
    • To best deliver education to our attendees, all courses (aside from Hands-on) will be scheduled as two-hour Instructional Courses. All IC courses will have a maximum faculty of 3 (course director, plus 2). Purchase of the IC/PG Course Pass is required for attendance.
    • Hands-on Courses are scheduled for three hours. Typically, the first hour is devoted to didactic presentation followed by two hours of hands-on instruction. The schedule could be adjusted as appropriate in accordance with the instruction level of the course (i.e., advanced courses may have one hour hands-on followed by two hours of case presentation and problem solving scenarios). A fee is charged for attendance. Maximum faculty of 5 (course director, plus 4).

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