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Currently published twice each year, this award-winning magazine’s mission is to engage the international urologic community by fostering communications and identifying common themes affecting urology around the world.

Current Issue

Global Connections Magazine: Fall 2013

Fall 2013: Volume 6

  • Global Unification for Interstitial Cystitis: More Research, Education and Answers
  • EXCHANGES: Up Close & Personal – AUA/EAU Academic Exchange Program
  • Advancing Urology through Innovation
  • COLLABORATIONS: AUA’s Annual Meeting

Gobal Connections Magazine: Fall 2013 [pdf]

Past Issues

Global Connections Magazine: Spring 2013

Spring/Summer 2013: Volume 5

  • Supply and Demand: Dealing with Drug Shortages
  • EXCHANGES: Up Close & Personal – International Academic Fellowship Committee
  • Social Media: Impacting Practice and Helping Providers Stay Connected
  • COLLABORATIONS: AUA Education Around the World

Gobal Connections Magazine: Spring/Summer 2013 [pdf]

Global Connections Magazine: Fall 2012

Fall 2012: Volume 4

  • Practicing in Times of Conflict: Is Healthcare in Danger?
  • EXCHANGES: Up Close & Personal – AUA’s Academic Exchange Program
  • Global Perspectives in Urolithiasis: Experts Respond
  • COLLABORATIONS: Building Bonds Through Educational Bridges

Gobal Connections Magazine: Fall 2012 [pdf]

Global Connections Magazine: Spring/Summer 2012

Spring/Summer 2012: Volume 3

  • Philanthropy in Urology: What Does it Take to Give Back?
  • EXCHANGES: Up Close & Personal – AUA’s Academic Exchange Program
  • Exchange Programs Male Incontinence: Birth of the Artificial
  • Urinary Sphincter COLLABORATIONS:  By the Numbers

Gobal Connections Magazine: Spring/Summer 2012 [pdf]

Global Connections Magazine: Fall 2011

Fall 2011: Volume 2

  • Rise of the Robot: How Minimally Invasive Surgery is Changing the Urology Landscape
  • EXCHANGES: Up Close & Personal – AUA’s Male Circumcision Volunteer Program
  • Urologic Reconstruction – More Education is Needed Worldwide
  • COLLABORATIONS:  Educational Bridge with China

Gobal Connections Magazine: Fall 2011 [pdf]

Global Connections Magazine: Spring/Summer 2011

Spring/Summer 2011: Volume 1

  • When Disaster Strikes – A Global Review
  • EXCHANGES: Up Close & Personal – AUA’s Academic Exchange Program
  • Prostate Cancer Around the World
  • COLLABORATIONS:  Educational Bridge with India

Gobal Connections Magazine: Spring/Summer 2011 [pdf]


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