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AUA Membership Application Cycle

Medical/Graduate Student Members

The AUA elects members at each of our three yearly Board of Director’s Meetings. These meetings take place in February, April or May (depending on the date for the Annual Meeting), and October. For example, if you submit an application along with all of your required documents in July, you will not be nominated for membership until the October meeting. Below you will find a diagram of the Medical/Graduate Student membership application cycle.

Step 1
Complete and submit your AUA membership application.
Step 2
Submit a letter from your medical/graduate school on letterhead verifying that you are enrolled and listing your expected graduation date.
Step 3
Upon submission of your verification letter, the AUA will provide you with your AUA # and password so that you can access your online benefits.
Step 4
Your name is presnted to the AUA Board of Directors for election to memberhsip in the AUA.
Step 5
You will be notified, via email or letter, of your election to AUA membership and you will be elevated from Member-Elect to an AUA member.


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