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Residents/Fellows in AUA Section Boundaries

$115 Annual Dues

Residents enrolled in an ACGME-accredited or an AOA urology residency training program in the United States, Canada, Mexico or Central America are eligible to apply for AUA Resident/Fellow membership. Clinical fellows enrolled in an accredited fellowship or post residency training program or post-doctoral research fellows with a PhD or equivalent degree in the United States, Canada, Mexico, or Central America who are actively engaged in biomedical research under a qualified mentor are also eligible to apply under this category.

For a fraction of the cost, Resident/Fellow members have access to the major benefits of Active Membership. The AUA has also developed specific membership programs for our Resident/Fellow members that enable you to seamlessly elevate from Resident/Fellow to Active or Associate membership as you transition through your career.

The links below will provide you with information on the value of Resident/Fellow membership, the application process and how you can join the AUA.