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AQUA - AUA Quality Registry

Participation in the AQUA Registry fulfills MU Objective 10, Measure Option 3 – Specialized Registry Reporting as it is recognized by CMS as a specialized registry. It is one of the best ways for urologists to successfully participate in and meet MU stage 2 requirements.

In order to qualify for 2016, you must sign up with the AQUA Registry and complete participation and business associate agreements no later than July 31, 2016. Full registry implementation takes four to six weeks.

Please email or call 855-898-AQUA (2782) for any questions about AQUA.

Initial Steps

  1. Review the participation agreement, business associate/data use agreement (BAA/DUA), and registry technical overview document with your practice.
  2. Complete the short "Sign Up for AQUA" registry survey.
  3. Upon submission of the completed questionnaire the AQUA Registry staff will contact you within three business days to schedule an orientation call.

System Integration Process

  1. Complete, sign, and return the participation agreement and BAA/DUA.
  2. FIGmd, the AQUA Registry's IT vendor, will then send you specific instructions to allow you to download and install the AQUA Registry Light Weight Connector (LWC) software for extracting, transforming and loading data, on the server/workstation of your choice.
  3. Connect the LWC with the EHR database.
  4. Upon completion of the installation and integration of the LWC, FIGmd will confirm connectivity and then begin data mapping.
  5. The first iteration of the mapping will be an EHR spreadsheet and a practice scorecard.
  6. When these two reports are completed, typically within a few days after we have established connectivity, FIGmd will send the reports along with some suggested meeting dates/times to schedule a meeting via conference call.
  7. In that meeting, FIGmd and AQUA Registry staff will review what needs to be completed with a practice representative and introduce the practice to the scorecard and its uses going forward.
  8. When completed practice EHR spreadsheet is returned, the first data extract will be scheduled. The extract process will take about two weeks. Another conference call will be scheduled to review the data and make any necessary mapping adjustments based on information your practice may provide during the call.
  9. When the mapping refinements are completed, and the data quality is validated, the practice will transition from implementation status to maintenance status. If further refinements are needed, another data extraction will occur and the new data will be reviewed.
  10. Once the practice reaches maintenance status, you will begin receiving regular monthly and quarterly reports.
  11. In maintenance status, any additional mapping refinements will be initiated by the practice. The practice will establish how and when they would like to proceed with these refinements. The site may request mapping updates and refinements at any time to improve data and/or incorporate any changes such as an EHR version upgrade via preset conference calls, on demand conference calls, or via email exchange.