May 2013
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Volume XXI, Number 5

AUA Efforts Improve Medicare Prescription Drug Policies for Urology Patients

Beneficiaries with Medicare prescription drug plans (sometimes called "PDPs") have experienced significant delays in obtaining prescriptions for serious urologic conditions, including urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections. Specifically, AUA members report that beneficiaries for whom they have prescribed certain medications for these conditions have faced delays in filling those prescriptions because their drug plan requires prior authorization. The plans’ rationale for requiring prior authorization is often based on conflicting agendas.

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Coding Corner:

FDA Issues New Alerts on Supplements

AUA Testifies on Capitol Hill in Support of Urotrauma Legislation

On May 21, Dr. Mark T. Edney, a urologist, veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the AUA’s lead advocate on urotrauma, provided oral and written testimony on behalf of the AUA to the U.S. House of Representatives Veterans Affairs’ Subcommittee on Health during a hearing on a number of veterans’ health bills, including H.R. 984 – legislation to establish a task force on urotrauma to focus attention on the treatment of these injuries for our soldiers. Dr. Edney’s testimony was warmly received by the subcommittee and no organization in attendance provided a dissenting voice. 

The bill establishes an interagency task force, led by the U.S. Department of Defense, to investigate and advise on the research and action needed to advance this increasingly essential field.  The AUA has worked tirelessly on the urotrauma issue since it was first addressed in the 111th Congress.  In 2012, the AUA led the formation of an Urotrauma Policy Roundtable, comprised of veterans and patient advocacy groups to support the legislation. Many of those organizations lent their support to H.R. 984 during the hearing through either written or oral testimony. 

“The nature of the sacrifice that the service men and women who have experienced urogenital injuries have made is beyond measure,” Alethea Predeoux, associate director, health legislation, Paralyzed Veterans of America said in her written statement. “It is incumbent upon Congress and the Administration to take every step necessary to help make these men and women as whole as possible.  This task force is a necessary first step.” 

10th Annual Urology Practice Management Held in San Diego

Almost 210 people attended the 10th Annual AUA Urology Practice Management Conference at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Diego on May 3-4, 2013. Attendance included about 30 percent urologists, 60 percent urology practice administrators along with vendors, consultants, and others. Practice managers who attended this event expressed much satisfaction at the timely nature of the educational content and the quality of all the speakers at the conference.

Practice Management Announces First Innovations Award Winner

The AUA Practice Management Committee is pleased to announce the recipient of the first annual PMN Innovations Award to Angela Jordan, CMPE, administrator for Bend Urology Associates, LLC in Bend, Oregon. The Innovation Award honors a PMN subscriber and his/her practice that achieves measurable improvements in efficiency of operations, cost reductions, practice revenue, staff morale, staff competency or patient service. Ms. Jordan submitted a summary of the Bend Urology Access Clinic. The Access Clinic was created to manage a large number of patients who walked in with urine specimens and concerns about urinary tract infections.