The AUA publishes several clinical science publications for its members, including The Journal of Urology®, the official publication of the American Urological Association, AUANews, the official newsmagazine of the AUA and Urology Practice, an official journal of the AUA. In addition, AUA provides several online publications, including the Policy & Advocacy BRIEF and Policy Blog (contain news and opinions on policy, regulation and reimbursement issues, as well as clinical practice guidance), Global Connections (news from the international urologic community), EUREKA! (provides updates on urology research and funding sources) as well as Urology Health extra, the free newsmagazine of the Urology Care Foundation, the official foundation of the AUA. For more information about these publications, follow the links below.

AUA Investigator

AUA Investigator

AUA Investigator, a quarterly digital newsletter featuring the latest news and information impacting the urologic research community, including urologic research events, resources, funding opportunities, grant writing, advocacy, training and faculty opportunities, and more!

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Published monthly, AUANews® is the Official News magazine of the AUA. Online access is also provided to subscribers.

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Research News & Funding Digest distributed regularly to include the latest urology research news and funding opportunities.

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Global Connections

Global Connections

Published twice each year, this award-winning magazine's mission is to engage the international urologic community by fostering communications and identifying common themes affecting urology around the world.

Global Connections Magazine

Men's Health Checklist

Men's Health Checklist

The AUAs Men's Health Checklist is now available! This checklist is intended to assist urologists and other health care providers as a resource of urological and non-urological men's health considerations and to better coordinate their care between providers.

Men's Health Checklist [pdf]

AUA Policy Blog

Policy Blog

An online resource of expert insights and opinions regarding health policy and reform.

Policy Blog
Policy Blog Archive

The AUA Policy & Advocacy Brief<

The AUA Policy & Advocacy Brief

The AUA Policy & Advocacy Brief (formerly the Health Policy Brief), is a bi-monthly, interactive e-newsletter, featuring the latest information on all facets of health policy.

The AUA Policy & Advocacy Brief Newsletters
The AUA Policy & Advocacy Brief Newsletters Archive

The Journal of Urology

The Journal of Urology®

The Official Journal of the American Urological Association, Inc.® as well as the most widely read and highly cited publication in the field. The Journal of Urology® provides physicians with all the clinically relevant information necessary to stay at the forefront of this dynamic specialty

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Urology Health extra

Urology Health extra

Published quarterly by the Urology Care Foundation, this FREE magazine is written by experts and designed to keep patients up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs in a variety of urologic health issues. It's a great resource to order at no cost for your waiting room areas.

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Urology Practice

Urology Practice

The first issue of Urology Practice can be accessed free until May 30, 2014, after which you will need to log in as an AUA member or nonmember subscriber for access.

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