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Research Scholar Awards

Application Checklist

Application Preparation Guidelines

Prepare the application package with all requested documents on the Application Checklists and follow the application format instructions.

Applicant Checklist

  1. Complete all online sections.
    1. Applicant information
    2. Project information
    3. Download the Application Agreement Form (for inclusion with supporting application materials) - Please note that other than choosing a one-year or two-year award, an Applicant cannot designate the award for which they are applying (Segura, Dornier, AUA Section Award, etc.).
  2. Complete Application Agreement Form (does not count towards the application page limit).
  3. One Letter of Support from each Mentor/s.
  4. Two Letters of Support from individuals other than  your Mentor (does not count towards the application page limit)
  5. Research career goals of the Applicant
  6. The Research Proposal
    1. Section 1: Specific Aims
    2. Section 2:  Background
    3. Section 3: Supporting Data
    4. Section 4: Experimental Plan
  7. Applicant's curriculum vitae or biosketch (follow NIH guidelines at; not to exceed four pages)
  8. Notification of applications filed to other funding sources.

Checklist for Mentor(s)

  1. Institutional plans.
    This section should describe the institution's facilities, funding and technical assistance, specific duties of the Applicant, time committed to research, clinical activities, teaching duties, relationship to Mentor(s), ongoing research program and immediate supervisor (if other than Mentor).
  2. Concise Statement of Reasons why the Applicant and Mentor should be selected.
    This section should include an indication of the Applicant's potential for an independent career in urologic research, and an estimated timeline for career development.
  3. Outline of clinical/research time (MD researchers only).
  4.  Letter/s of Support for Applicant.
  5.  Mentor biosketches (follow NIH guidelines at; not to exceed four pages).
  6. List of Mentors' previous fellows and their current positions (if there are none, please indicate such).

Application Format Instructions

Scan all materials in the above order into a single .pdf file. Submit the entire application package electronically. Please be aware that any grant over 26 pages in length will not be reviewed and any grant using less than a 12-point font will not be reviewed. The 26-page limit includes all portions of the application with the exception of the Application Agreement Form, letters of support from individuals other than mentor(s), and the references.


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