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Rising Star in Urology Research Awards

Application Checklist

A complete Application package will contain the following items in the stated order. The only acceptable application documentation is that which is provided in the existing Career Development Award grant, including the critiques, and/or score sheet and that all materials must be typed in no less than a 12 point font or it will not be reviewed.

Checklist for Applicant

Application Format Instructions

*Please note that career development grants, summary sheets, and scores are confidential documents which the applicant must choose to disclose. However, these items are required for this competition.

Scan all materials in the above order into a single .pdf file. Submit the application package electronically.

Applicants should allow ample time for compiling and submitting materials, including the electronic upload process. Late submissions will not be considered.

Failure to adhere to these requirements and/or provide appropriate documentation may result in a delay in the next scheduled payment or termination of the Award. If an Awardee relinquishes his or her award, repayment to Urology Care Foundation will be required.

Awardees understand and acknowledge that payments for the Rising Star Award will be made directly to them and they may be personally responsible for repayment of funds provided by the award in the case that they relinquish the award or fail to meet the obligations of the award described in the Program Announcement. 


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