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Research Scholar Awards

Award Requirements

All Research Scholar Award recipients must adhere to the following requirements:

Failure to adhere to these requirements and/or provide appropriate documentation may result in a delay in payments or termination of the award. Unless approved by the Institution and the Urology Care Foundation, failure to complete the duration of the research period may result in repayment of funds to the Urology Care Foundation.


Scholars are required to send the Urology Care Foundation copies of articles published regarding Urology Care Foundation-funded research. Any publication arising from work supported by the Urology Care Foundation Research Scholars Program should include acknowledgment of Urology Care Foundation support as well as that of the corporate sponsor, if any. Such acknowledgement should read:

"This work was supported in part by a grant from the Urology Care Foundation Research Scholars Program and (name of sponsor)."

Institutional Accountability Report

During the award period, at the request of the Urology Care Foundation, the Institutional Grant Administrator must submit an Institutional Accountability Report to the AUA Office of Research. This report re-affirms that the institution is adhering to all terms of the Program Announcement and Institution Agreement Form, especially the provisions of institution support and level of effort requirements. Continued funding is contingent upon receipt of a satisfactory report. A final Institutional Accountability Report should be included in the Final Progress Report package, which is due within 30 days of the end of the research training period.

Scholar Attendance at AUA and Urology Care Foundation Research-Related Activities

Each year, the American Urological Association (AUA) and the Urology Care Foundation coordinate several events designed to advance urology research and provide educational venues, especially for young investigators. The Scholar’s attendance at the Urology Care Foundation Research Awards Reception, AUA Research Forum, Grantscraft Course, New Investigator Workshop, National Urology Resident Preceptorship Program, and the AUA/Society for Basic Urologic Research (SBUR) Summer Research Conference is required for all investigators funded by the Urology Care Foundation (depending on relevance of the topic to the Scholar's research). Unless prior approval is given, failure to attend an event will disqualify the Scholar from receiving a scholarship or future payments. Travel awards or other means of travel support may be available  

Urology Care Foundation Research Awards Reception

All Urology Care Foundation Scholars are acknowledged at the Urology Care Foundation Research Awards Reception, which is held during the AUA Annual Meeting, and in the Research Pictorial. Attending Urology Care Foundation Research Awards Reception is required for all investigators funded by the Urology Care Foundation. Even though the first ceremony will take place prior to the award period, new Scholars are required to attend and should plan accordingly. All ending Scholars will compete for the opportunity to present a summary of their project at the ceremony and are required to attend regardless of whether he or she is chosen to present.

AUA Research Forum

Each year at the AUA Annual Meeting, the Research Forum provides a venue showcasing the research of promising young investigators. All investigators funded by the Urology Care Foundation are required to attend the Research Forum.

Grantscraft Course

Each year at the AUA Annual Meeting, an educational course may be offered to assist researchers in improving their grant-writing skills. The course provides information on where to find grant opportunities, preparing an effective grant application, and the peer review process. Program Officers from federal agencies are usually in attendance to provide information on current funding mechanisms. All investigators funded by the Urology Care Foundation are required to attend the Grantscraft Course if it is offered. There may be a fee associated with the course.

Investigator Workshop

Since its inception in 2001, nurturing the success of young investigators in urology research has been a recurring strategic goal of the AUA Office of Research. The Investigator Workshop will focus on mentoring, scientific review, sources of independent funding and grant writing. The Workshop  is facilitated by leaders in the field, each of whom will have substantial track records of career achievement and National Institute of Health (NIH) research funding. The program agenda includes educational sessions in areas such as budgets, defining review criteria, and grantsmanship. It also includes a realistic mock-study section and extensive small group and one-on-one working sessions, with scientific advisers and other subject matter experts, intended to provide attendees with the opportunity to transform their grants. In these sessions, attendees will gain personalized instruction and constructive critiques on their research proposals.

National Urology Resident Preceptorship Program

This program was initiated in 2011 and is supported by the AUA. The overall long-term goal of this meeting is to increase the number of funded investigators as well as both the quantity and the quality of funded grants. A proposed agenda for 2013 program includes two sessions: one for career choices in urology and another highlighting the surgeon-scientist career choice. The overall focus is recruiting talented investigators into urology research departments, and preparing them for forging a strong career path as a surgeon-scientist. The program is designed for department chairs, program directors, residents and young investigators.

AUA/SBUR Summer Research Conference

The Summer Research Conference provides an intense and intimate forum for young investigators to meet research leaders, hear about emerging research concepts and methods, network with participants and speakers, learn about new methods and techniques, and receive mentoring and advice on research career activities. The conference is typically held each August and has a different scientific theme and scientific topic each year. If the topic is associated with the research being conducted by the Scholar, he or she would be required to attend the conference.


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