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Rising Star in Urology Research Awards

Award Requirements

All awards are contingent upon the Awardee’s fulfillment of the contract. Failure to meet the terms of the agreement may result in required repayment of the Award. The terms are as follows:

Milestones have been developed to assess progress over the period of performance. Progress to milestones will be evaluated annually. If annual milestones are not reached, the awardee risks becoming ineligible for further support, may be withdrawn from the program, and may risk having to repay the support provided in the previous year. The milestones are:

Requirements for Years 1 - 5:

Requirements for Penultimate Year:

Provide acknowledgement of support in any publication or presentation arising from work supported by the Urology Care Foundation Rising Stars in Urology Research Awards Program. Such acknowledgement should read: “This work was supported in part by a Rising Star in Urology Research Award from the Urology Care Foundation made possible through the support of Astellas Global Development, Inc.”

Failure to adhere to these requirements and/or provide appropriate documentation may result in a delay in the next scheduled payment or termination of the Award. If an Awardee relinquishes his or her award, repayment to Urology Care Foundation will be required.

Awardees understand and acknowledge that payments for the Rising Star Award will be made directly to them and they may be personally responsible for repayment of funds provided by the award in the case that they relinquish the award or fail to meet the obligations of the award described in the Program Announcement.


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