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Residency Research Awards

Award Requirements

All Urology Care Foundation Residency Research Award recipients must adhere to the following requirements:

Failure to adhere to these requirements and/or provide appropriate documentation may result in a delay in payments or termination of the award. Unless approved by the Institution and the Urology Care Foundation, failure to complete the duration of the research period may result in repayment of funds to the Urology Care Foundation.


Scholars are required to send the Urology Care Foundation copies of articles published regarding AUA Urology Care Foundation-funded research. Any publication arising from work supported by the Urology Care Foundation Residency Research Award Program should include acknowledgment of Urology Care Foundation support. Such acknowledgement should read:

“This work was supported in part by the Urology Care Foundation Residency Research Award.”

Institutional Accountability Report

During the award period, at the request of the Urology Care Foundation, the Institutional Grant Administrator must submit an Institutional Accountability Report to the AUA Office of Research. This report re-affirms that the institution is adhering to all terms of the Program Announcement and Institution Agreement Form, especially the provisions of institution support and level of effort requirements. Continued funding is contingent upon receipt of a satisfactory report. A final Institutional Accountability Report should be included in the Final Progress Report package, which is due within 30 days of the end of the research training period.

AUA and Urology Care Foundation Research-Related Activities

Each year, the AUA and the Urology Care Foundation coordinate several events designed to advance urologic research and provide educational venues, especially for young investigators. Attendance at the Urology Care Foundation Research Honors Awards Program and the AUA Research Forum/Grantwriting Workshop, both held at the AUA Annual Meeting, is required for all investigators funded by the Urology Care Foundation. In addition, depending on eligibility or relevance of the topic to the awardee's research, the Early-Career Investigators Workshop, Summer Research Conference, Basic Sciences Symposium, and Urologic Oncology Symposium may also required. Unless prior approval is given, failure to attend an event may disqualify the awardee from receiving a Urology Care Foundation award or payments. Travel awards or other means of travel support may be available for many events.


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