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Arkansas Urologic Society Summer Medical Student Fellowship

Criteria for Review

Proposal and Applicant
The Applicant’s achievements (as reflected by awards, honors, etc.) should indicate their sincere interest in urology research. The Applicant’s stated career goals, and the letters of recommendation should provide indications of their commitment to pursuing urology disease research throughout their career.

The Mentor should be an independent investigator with a track record of success in research publication, grant funding and development of trainees who have achieved academic success.

The Mentor’s Letter of Support should emphasize the Applicant’s interest in urology research and include a solid plan to utilize the Applicant during their summer fellowship. It should be very clear that the Applicant’s Mentor is strongly supportive of urology research, possesses expertise to provide sufficient scientific guidance and oversight.


The training environment will be evaluated based on the ongoing urology disease research and how that will promote the development of the Applicant.

Selection Procedure

Selections are based on the results of the review panel. Applications will be reviewed following the application deadline and applicants will be notified by mail. All applicants will be advised of the results, regardless of funding status. Please note that results will not be given over the phone.


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