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Herbert Brendler, MD Summer Medical Student Fellowship Program

Criteria for Review


To what degree the Applicant’s achievements (as reflected by awards, honors, etc.) indicate his or her potential for a successful career in urologic research.

To what degree the Applicant’s stated career goals and the letters of support indicate a strong commitment to pursuing urologic disease research throughout his or her career.


To what degree the Mentor’s letter of support demonstrates the Applicant’s potential for an independent career in urologic research.

To what degree the Mentor has the required expertise and track record to provide sufficient scientific guidance and oversight for the research project and training.

Research Project

To what degree the research project is appropriately designed and will provide the Applicant with a research experience and training to promote the development of a successful career in urologic research.


To what degree the institution provides a training environment with ongoing urologic disease research and that provides an environment that will promote the development of the Applicant.

Selection Procedure

Selections for award are based on the results of the review panel. Applications will be reviewed following the application deadline and applicants will be notified by email. All applicants will be advised of the results. Results will not be given over the phone. Please wait for notification by email.


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