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Ferring Pharmaceuticals Urology Research Success Award in Prostate Cancer Research

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants are not required to be U.S. citizens but must have a valid Social Security number for Internal Revenue Service purposes. All research must be conducted within the boundaries of the eight sections of the American Urological Association (AUA).

The Applicant must not have received a Urology Care Foundation Bridge Award or Urology Research Success Award in the past.

The Applicant must be listed as the primary investigator or co-investigator on the project grant.

The Applicant must have competed for peer-reviewed external funding for the project during the period of October 1, 2011, to December 31, 2012. The application must have been either: 1) approved for funding and the investigator is awaiting receipt of those funds, or 2) reviewed, scored, but not funded. In the case where the application was not funded, the awardee is required to reapply for external funding no later than July 5, 2014.

The project must not have any current external funding.

Distribution of Funds

Urology Care Foundation/Ferring Pharmaceuticals Urology Research Success Award in Prostate Cancer Research funds will be paid directly to the awardee’s sponsoring institution. The Urology Care Foundation does not withhold taxes from awards (i.e., federal withholding, Social Security, local or state taxes, etc.). Awards can be used at the discretion of the awardee, but must be related to direct costs of the project and detailed in the budget justification worksheet and in response to the grant review summary statement. Unexpended funds must be returned to the Urology Care Foundation.


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