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Herbert Brendler, MD Summer Medical Student Fellowship Program

Urologic research is an exciting and dynamic field that requires participation of many talented and dedicated individuals. Recruitment of individuals in the early stages of their careers is essential to ensure the succession of outstanding researchers needed to maintain and advance this vital field. Motivating and meaningful research experiences mentored by urologic research leaders are likely to stimulate the interest needed to accomplish that goal, and could be the catalyst that leads medical students to pursue careers in academic urology.

The Urology Care Foundation and the Herbert Brendler, MD Urology Research Fund are proud to provide a Summer Medical Student Fellowship Program, which was initiated in 2010 encourages medical students to pursue training in urology and urologic research with an established urology researcher.

The fellowships have a required duration of ten weeks (not less than 50 working days) during the summer of the award year. The exact dates may vary as agreed upon by the institution, applicant, and mentor. Fellows receive a $4,000 stipend and the institution is responsible for ensuring that the awardee will receive adequate research support, including any necessary laboratory equipment. We invite current or matriculating medical students to apply for funding to support their exposure to the dynamic field of urology and training in urologic research.

The competition for the 2016 Herbert Brendler, MD Summer Medical Student Fellowship Program is now closed. Please check back in Fall 2017 for details regarding next year’s competition.

View the 2016 Program Announcement and Application Agreement:

Program Announcement [pdf]
Application Agreement [pdf]Researcher Profiles

Researcher Profiles

View the listing of our 2016 Herbert Brendler, MD Fellows.


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