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Arkansas Urologic Society Summer Medical Student Fellowship

Preparation and Submission of the Application Materials

The Applicant must download an Application Agreement Form. This form must be completed in its entirety, including all necessary signatures as part of the application package. Applicants must also complete the online sections of the application.

Summarize the background, key objectives, and potential impact of the project.

Describe the background and rationale behind the proposed research project, including relevant literature citations. State the project’s aims/objectives and the approach(es) to be used to accomplish the objectives. Describe the project’s potential impact on urologic research and patient care. The description should clearly state how the Applicant will allocate the research/clinical time for the duration of the award period.

The Mentor Letter of Support should clearly describe the mentoring program and commitment to the applicant and demonstrate that the Mentor has the expertise required to provide sufficient guidance and oversight for the research project and training. The Mentor should be an independent investigator with a track record of success in research publication, grant funding, and development of trainees who have achieved academic success.


Lay Language Statement and Photo for and


The Applicant must submit a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) lay language statement about his or her research project and a headshot photograph. The Applicant thus gives permission for the information and his/her photo to be posted under the current Urology Care Foundation-supported research at and and used in press releases and other promotional materials for the program. The photograph should be a clear, high quality headshot with either professional dress or a laboratory/white coat. In order to accommodate our on-line and print publishing requirements, the photograph must be taken on a high resolution setting of at least 3 megapixels. Applicants should think of this picture as an excellent quality yearbook photograph. The statement and photograph should be submitted via e-mail to


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