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Herbert Brendler, MD Summer Medical Student Fellowship Program

Preparation of Application Materials

The Applicant must download an Application Agreement Form. The form must be completed in its entirety, including all necessary signatures as part of the application package. Applicants must also complete the online sections of the application. Prepare the application package; it should include all documents on the Application Checklist in the stated order, including:

Scan all materials in the above order into a single .pdf file. Submit the application package electronically.

Applicants should allow ample time for compiling and submitting materials. Late submissions will not be considered.

Lay-Language Statement and Photo

In addition to the application, all Applicants are required to submit a short paragraph (5 - 6 sentences) lay-language statement about their research project and a headshot. By submitting the statement and headshot, you grant permission for the information and photo to be posted under the current Urology Care Foundation-supported research website and in press releases and other promotional materials for the Program. The statement and photo is not part of the application package and should be submitted separately.

Statement and Headshot Guidelines

The Statement and photo should be submitted separately from the application package via email to This information will only be used for promotion purposes described above. The statement and photo will not be shared with reviewers and will not impact the review process or decisions of the reviewers. Photos must be at least three (3) mega pixels.


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