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March 2015

Spring 2015 NIDDK Director's Update

Learn about new research discoveries, grant opportunities, events and more in the Spring 2015 issue of the NIDDK Director’s Update! Highlights include:

For quick links to funding, job opportunities and more on activities around NIDDK, visit the Spring 2015 edition.

February 2015

Latest NIH/CSR Peer Review News for Applicants and Reviewers

The Center for Scientific Review (CSR) publishes Peer Review Notes to inform our reviewers, NIH staff and others of news related to National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant application review policies, procedures and plans. Peruse the Latest Issue of Peer Review Notes with highlights including:

January 2015

NIDDK Information Network

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) wishes to announce the launch of a web-based tool that allows access to NIDDK-supported data and resources.

The NIDDK Information Network ( is a user-friendly data warehouse that allows rapid search for data (e.g. genomic, proteomic), resources (animal models, antibodies), and other digital information. Users can mine for needed data and resources using a 'shopping cart' feature. Moreover, dkNET enables searches to extend beyond curated information to broaden the search outcomes by linking to a variety of world-wide digital resources.

NIDDK encourages utilization of dkNET and asks for input regarding utility, further data and resource ingest, and impact. Office Hours are available to help answer any questions and NIDDK staff will be available weekly on:

Also, click on the "Chat with Us" tab at the bottom of the dkNET search portal to start chatting with the team.

National Prostate Cancer Registries: Contemporary Trends of Prostate Cancer in the United States

Article featured in the Urology Practice Journal highlights include the AQUA Registry.


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