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Research Scholar Awards Portfolio

There are currently at least 12 awards available for 2014 fellowships. The Urology Care Foundation continuously seeks sponsors for Research Scholar awards, thus the portfolio for this year’s awards is ever-evolving. The entities listed below may not represent the final list of sponsors that commit to awards in 2014, nor do these sponsors or the Urology Care Foundation make any guarantees that any/all awards will be filled. Research Scholar awards are granted based on the objective evaluation of all aspects of eligibility criteria, scientific review, and the financial portfolio available at the time the grants are finalized by the Urology Care Foundation. The Urology Care Foundation reserves the right for final approval for any/all awards provided through the program.

Non-designated Scholarships

Dornier MedTech – One scholar award is available; the award is not limited by research area, however research in areas established as priorities within the National Urology Research Agenda (NURA) are highly preferred.

Designated Scholarships

Through the AUA Section Scholar Endowment Initiative, all AUA Sections have established endowed research funds to support Research Scholars in perpetuity. The following Sections will be sponsoring new fellowships in 2014 for qualified grant Applicants from within their respective geographic areas:

New England Section
New York Section
Northeastern Section
South Central Section
North Central Section
Southeastern Section
Western Sections

The Robert J. Krane, MD Research Scholar Fund will provide support for a one-year scholarship for an investigator working in the fields of erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer or male incontinence.

The Kidney Cancer Association has agreed to support a one-year scholarship for an investigator working in the field of kidney cancer/renal cell carcinoma.

The Allergan Foundation has provided funding for two, two-year awards for research in neurotoxins or areas associated with neurourology.


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