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SPORE Program

This full day workshop entitled the “AUA/NCI SPORE Joint Workshop” is to be held on Sunday, May 18 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The NCI Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) is a major and long-standing initiative that is designed to specifically promote collaborative, interdisciplinary translational cancer research. Each SPORE grant is a complex, major, multi-million dollar Program Project grant that supports projects that focus on specific organ sites like breast or prostate cancer.

There are currently 62 active SPOREs representing 17 different organ sites or systems. The genitourinary SPOREs comprise 9 prostate cancer SPOREs, 1 kidney cancer SPORE, and 1 bladder cancer SPORE. The goal of this workshop is to bring the GU SPORE investigators together with non-SPORE investigators working in related GU cancer areas to further enhance collaboration and catalyze progress in the field.

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