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Sept. 2012 Data Committee/Panel Meeting

Newly Formed Data Committee/Panel

On Friday, September 28, the recently formed Data Committee/Panel, headed by J. Quentin Clemens, MD, MSCI, chair, and David Miller, MD, vice chair, met in Detroit, Michigan, for its second meeting. The Data Committee/Panel is charged by the AUA Board of Directors to develop the AUA’s strategy for acquiring and using data to both advance and protect urology. The panel currently is under the purview of the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee and is comprised of AUA members who oversee research and data projects as well as representatives from organizations already collecting data.

The focus of the meeting was to define both short- and long-term goals and priorities for the group and corresponding AUA department. Several speakers presented their organizations’ experiences with data collection efforts. This enabled panel members to learn about best practices, lessons learned and future plans. 

After much deliberation, the Data Committee/Panel decided that the AUA should plan to undertake several short-term research projects, and identified three initial projects. The AUA is currently in the process of hiring staff for the Data Management and Statistical Analysis Department, so it is likely that panel members and outside consultants would initiate work on these first endeavors. 

Additionally, the Data Committee/Panel proposed a long-term project, such as a urology-based registry, for its members and is exploring options for registry development.   

Both the short- and long-term discussions will be presented to the Board of Directors at its October meeting for further debate and input. 

At its upcoming November meeting, the Data Committee/Panel will further discuss how to implement the short-term projects approved by the Board, as well as discuss in more detail a potential long-term project


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