2023 History Exhibit: Battlefield Urology - AUA Annual Meeting


2023 History Exhibit: Battlefield Urology

AUA2023 – History Exhibit

The timeline of history is punctuated by war and with conflict comes casualty. Wartime wounds reflect the increasing power and lethality of the weapons of war and the need for evolving medical response. Lessons learned in the hospitals of wartime theater not only inform future military trauma care pathways but have significant influence on how we approach civilian trauma.

This year's AUA history exhibit "Battlefield Urology" explores lessons learned from wartime urological injury and disease over the ages.  It appreciates the urologists, trauma surgeons and allied health professionals who have contributed to the current state-of-the-art care, not just for military urological injury and disease, but for urologic patients everywhere. Visit Battlefield Urology at AUA History Booth #1342 in the Science and Technology Hall.

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Join curator Mark Edney at History Booth #1342 in the Science and Technology Hall at AUA2023 in Chicago to learn about the impact of war on today's urology!

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