Booth Design Review Form - AUA Annual Meeting


Booth Design Review Form

AUA2023 – Exhibitors

Use this form to submit your booth design for island & retail sales booths to AUA Exhibit Management for approval.

Island and Retail Form Rules and Regulations

Companies with retail or island booths must submit scaled floor plans and elevation diagrams to the AUA for pre-approval by March 27, 2023. These design plans must include hanging signs and any audio-visual systems included in the booth. Design plans must be drawn to scale, indicating the scale used. All exhibit components and their dimensions must be included. Plans must clearly illustrate the exhibitor's adherence to all audio-visual, demonstration and presentation rules and regulations, rigging details, as well as the "transparency concept." All decisions concerning booth design by Show Management will be binding upon the exhibitor and are final. No retail or island booth will be allowed into the Exhibit Hall at the 2023 AUA Annual Meeting without a pre-approved design.

Please note: per facility rules, exhibitors requiring hanging signs, lights, etc., must submit rigging plans to the general contractor by February 27, 2023.

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Booth Design Review Form

Due: March 27, 2023
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