P2s: Practice-changing, Paradigm-shifting Clinical Trials in Urology - AUA Annual Meeting


P2s: Practice-changing, Paradigm-shifting Clinical Trials in Urology

AUA2024 – Abstracts

P2s: Practice-changing, Paradigm-shifting Clinical Trials in Urology — NEW Program!

About the Program

P2s: Practice Changing, Paradigm-shifting Clinical Trials in Urology (P2s) are designed to showcase the exceptional, groundbreaking studies that are expected to change the day-to-day practice of urology. Reserved for the most impactful studies, P2s will be presented on the Plenary stage, providing the greatest exposure and profile for the research.

Eligible Studies

The AUA is looking for abstracts that address scientific questions of particular interest to urologists and studies should include primary data using:

  1. A randomized clinical trial design (phase II or III trials)


  2. Prospective, observational cohort studies that compare therapies and/or highlight novel and high-impact interventions that will change clinical practice

Retrospective studies, basic science studies, meta-analyses, survey research, and/or case series and reports are NOT appropriate for submission.

Call for Abstracts

  • Opens January 3, 2024
  • Closes February 15, 2024* (See note below regarding timing of analyses)
  • Notifications will be sent on or before February 29, 2024

Note: The AUA is using its standard abstract submission online portal for the P2s abstracts.

Abstract Requirements

Abstracts should present prospective, original research studies that highlight novel and high-impact research with practice-changing implications.

The body must be informative and detailed. The following sections are required:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

The initial abstract must be submitted by the February 15, 2024, deadline and should contain the final dataset and analyses if possible.

*In Cases Where the Final Data Analyses Cannot be Completed by February 15 but will Be Done Before the Annual Meeting:

The AUA recognizes that, particularly in the case of large Phase 3 studies, analysis may not be completed by the abstract deadline. If this is the case, we will accept placeholder (shell) abstract submissions. However, it is expected that an abstract containing the final data set and analyses will be submitted two weeks before the Annual Meeting and all of these analyses will be presented at the Annual Meeting. During submission, you will be required to enter all authors and their disclosures, the Background and Methods sections, and provide the primary clinical endpoint for analysis, type of analysis, date of planned analysis, and planned statistical methods.

Guidelines for Consideration

For a placeholder (shell) abstract to be considered for P2 submission status, the first author must:

  • Submit a placeholder (shell) abstract, completing all steps in the submitter with the exception of the Results and Conclusions sections, by the abstract submission deadline (February 15, 2024)
  • Describe the type of data that will be submitted by the P2 data submission deadline, indicating the primary clinical endpoint for analysis, the planned statistical plan for analysis and the date of planned analysis.
  • If you are planning on submitting a shell abstract, you SHOULD reach out to the AUA via email at speakers@AUAnet.org to discuss details