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AUA2024 Courses

AUA2024 Course Applications

Be part of the AUA2024 program! The AUA is currently accepting course applications for AUA2024, to be held May 3 – 6, 2024, in the dynamic city of San Antonio, TX. We encourage applications for both renewal courses and new courses and are requesting innovative ideas designed to offer education in new, engaging formats in the following three categories:

1. Instructional Courses — Explore Instructional Courses from AUA2023

  • Course formats should focus on attendee participation, flipped classrooms, creative learning, extensive use of videos, etc.
  • Instructional Courses are scheduled for two hours and typically have no more than three total faculty members.
  • If you need assistance with your Instructional Course application, please email or contact the AUA at 410-689-4030.

2. Institute for Leadership & Business (ILB) Track – Explore Leadership & Business Courses from AUA2023

  • Course topics should fit into one of the leadership and business content categories specified on the application.
  • Course formats should focus on faculty/audience interaction, participation, and topic application, as opposed to didactic-only slide presentations.
  • Course Directors should consider including non-physician experts as faculty to complement and enhance the expertise of physician faculty.
  • If you need assistance with your ILB Track application, please email

3. Hands-on Skills Trainings – Explore Hands-on Skills Training from AUA2023

  • Skills Trainings should be innovative and well-planned, with clear and achievable learning objectives.
  • Skills Trainings should include didactic presentations to increase knowledge, as well as hands-on skills tasks that can be effectively modeled and assessed for improved performance.
  • Course planners should consider the possible skill levels of participants, and how to adapt the training plan to all participants, to accomplish the learning objectives in the time provided.
  • If you need assistance with your Hands-on Skills Training application, please email Sarah Hardy at

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

The AUA looks to increase representation in course faculty, which begins with the course application process. We urge course applicants of diverse backgrounds to submit applications and ask that repeat Course Directors apply for renewal with new faculty that reflects the diverse make-up of the urology profession.

Review Process

The deadline to submit course applications is June 9, 2023. Course applications will be reviewed by the Chair of Education, members of subspecialty societies, and/or committee leaders. You will be notified in September 2023 of your course application status.

Note: To provide greater educational opportunities and diversity for our learners, please limit faculty participation in Instructional Courses and the ILB Track to a combined maximum of 2 courses, one of which can be as a Course Director.


Note: You will be directed to a login page and will need your AUA ID and password.