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Booth Activity and Giveaway Form

AUA2024 – Exhibitors

All Exhibiting Companies Must Complete This Form

Giveaways from Exhibitors not subject to the CMSS Code rules are still subject to approval by the AUA, and follow the AMA Code of Medical Ethics, on gifts to physicians. These guidelines state that "Any gifts accepted by physicians individually should primarily entail a benefit to patients and should not be of substantial value. Accordingly, textbooks, modest meals, and other gifts are appropriate if they serve a genuine educational function. Cash payments should not be accepted." Also, "Individual gifts of minimal value are permissible aslong as the gifts are related to the physician's work (e.g., pens and notepads)." AUA defines "not of substantial value" as $100 or less.

Contests and drawings must be open to all attendees and be conducted in a professional manner. Distribution of approved items or the conduct of the contest must not create a nuisance or cause interference with adjoining exhibits. Local legal restrictions may govern approval of contests and drawings. Exhibitors must obtain advance written approval from AUA to serve food and beverages from their booths provided by the RK Culinary Group, the Henry B. González Convention Center's (HBGCC) exclusive F&B provider.

Submit to AUA all proposed giveaways, drawings, contests, gifts, food and beverage items for distribution to AUA attendees by completing the Giveaway and Contests Approval Form by April 9, 2024.

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Booth Activity and Giveaway Form

Due: April 9, 2024
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