Exhibitor Designated Contractor Form - AUA Annual Meeting


Exhibitor Designated Contractor Form

AUA2024 – Exhibitors

Please read the section on Exhibitor Designated Contractors found in the AUA Exhibitors Rules and Regulations.

Exhibitors not using GES, the official Show contractor, for general booth labor must notify the AUA and GES of all EDC services well inadvance of the Show. Note that EDC services are governed by the union work partnership rules that are in place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center (HBGCC). EDC companies and labor must also comply with the facility registration requirements to be able to work at the HBGCC.

All communication must go through the exhibiting company. The exhibiting company is responsible for forwarding all AUA communications to their exhibitor designated contractors (EDC's). It is understood, in the interest of clear communication, that the AUA will not work directly with any exhibitor designated contractors.

NOTE: Your Exhibitor Designated Contractor (EDC) must also provide the AUA with a list of all clients and Certificate of Insurance by April 9, 2024. EDC's failing to provide these documents by the due date can be excluded from participation at the AUA Annual Meeting.

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EDC Insurance Form

Exhibitor Designated Contractors

Due: April 9, 2024
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The company listed above intends to use the following company to service an exhibit at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center during the 2024 AUA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

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