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AUA Financial Information

Good Stewardship of AUA's financial resources has been an organizational hallmark since its inception in 1902. The association's unwavering commitment to its members has been possible in part due to the prudent management of income generated by scientific meetings and products, development of industry support and investment funds, members' dues and contributions of time and talent.

Consistent and forthright financial judgment has helped the AUA overcome numerous financial challenges to the association’s very survival while continuing to fulfill its mission:

In 2012 the AUA Board took further steps to embed that tradition of financial stability and planning into the AUA culture by developing a reserve policy and which assures commitment to a strategy of diversified asset growth and preservation of future funding for key initiatives. The AUA is now truly equipped to ensure its commitment to the promotion of the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research and advocacy through the AUA’s next century.

Key financial information is illustrated in the graphics below.

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