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Transparency of Practice Data

What You Should Know

As the U.S. government embarks on an increasing number of initiatives to promote transparency in healthcare, the AUA is actively monitoring the progress of these programs and how they affect our members and the patients they treat. The AUA recognizes the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' commitment to creating an unprecedented level of openness and transparency with the American public. We also share with many other major medical associations the opinion that the release datasets without explanations or context could potentially lead to unintended consequences, including misinterpretation and false conclusions.

What the AUA is Doing

Two major initiatives on which the AUA has advocated are the Open Payments program (also known as the National Physician Payment Transparency Program) and the 2014 release of Medicare physician payment data.

Open Payments (National Physician Payment Transparency Program)

Medicare Part B Physician Payments

What You Can Do

Visit the AUA Advocacy Center for updates on alerts and calls to action on this issue.

Useful Resources

Open Payments

Part B Data Release



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