AUA Summit - 2022 History Exhibit: Ins & Outs of Sexual Health


2022 History Exhibit: Ins & Outs of Sexual Health

AUA2022 – History Exhibit

Cultural views of sexuality have evolved from an earlier, predominantly procreational mold for sexual activity to the current view in many societies that sexuality entails not only procreation but also pleasure and physical and mental health and well-being.
Komisaruk, Barry, Beverly Whipple, Carlos Beyer-Flores, The Science of Orgasm, 2006: The Johns Hopkins University Press, pg. 97

Sex has traditionally been stigmatized in medicine and medical research over the years. Some early attempts to treat sexual dysfunction (e.g. vibrators for impotence, animal gland transplants for hormone replacement) may have embarrassed the medical establishment, as evidence-based medicine debunked questionable research and treatments.

Nevertheless, there has been a huge evolution in sexual medicine in the last 50 years. Supported by the American Urological Association, urologists have led that progress by approaching sexual dysfunction in both men and women as a medical condition that can be scientifically researched and treated.

Join curators Dr. Irwin and Sue Goldstein at History Booth #637 in the Science and Technology Hall at AUA2022 in New Orleans to learn more about the Ins and Outs of Sexual Health!