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Implications for Your Business

Businesses – small and large – are among those most affected by COVID-19. Though the financial impacts of the pandemic are not yet fully known, there are many programs and resources to help urology practices manage effectively in 2020.


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Managing Your Urology Practice through the COVID-19 Pandemic

How are urology practices managing their staff needs, business needs and patient needs during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Maryland urologist Dr. Jonathan Rubenstein discusses how his practice is functioning - and protecting themselves - during the pandemic, and shares important information about what to do if someone in your practice is exposed and tests positive.

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COVID-19 and Your Urology Practice: Balancing Patient Care and Business

New Jersey urologist Dr. Mark Fallick discusses the changes his practice has made in response to the pandemic, including how practitioners continue providing care for patients while balancing the needs of their business.



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