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CMS is finalizing the addition of a number of codes to the telehealth services list as well as creating a third temporary category of criteria for adding services to the list of Medicare to create another list of temporary codes that could be delivered via telehealth to Medicare beneficiaries during the COVID-19 public health emergency. CMS is also establishing on an interim basis for CY2021 payment for a new HCPCS G-code for a virtual check-in describing 11-20 minutes of medical discussion to determine the necessity of an in-person visit. Despite comments from AUA and other stakeholders, CMS did not make any changes to its telephone E/M policy to allow these visits to be conducted with audio-only connections once the public health emergency concludes; therefore, coverage of audio-only telehealth visits will not be extended beyond the public health emergency.

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Note: Private payor reimbursement for telehealth varies by state. Contact the applicable private insurer to find out what telemedicine services are being reimbursed. The AUA’s tracking spreadsheet at the top of this page provides additional guidance.


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