American Urological Association Section Submission Request for One Course of Choice

The Following Information Applies for the 2021 Schedule

  • The AUA offers one Course of Choice along with one speaker (based on the speaker's availability) to each AUA Section for their 2021 Annual Meeting.
  • Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Course of Choice offering: An AUA Section may choose the APP course offering as their one Course of Choice for their 2021 Annual Meeting. The APP course offering consists of (4), approximately 30-minute lectures with (2) speakers.
  • If any additional faculty are required for the selected course, the Section will be required to cover expenses for the additional faculty.
  • All Courses of Choice are supported by AUA and are intended for availability to all Section meetings attendees, and are to be designated as part of the Section's overall program. The Section may not charge a separate registration fee for the chosen course.
  • AUA should be acknowledged in all promotional materials presented to learners.


Approved expenses for the individual speaker(s) whose course has been chosen will be reimbursed directly upon submission of an expense report with original receipts. Please mail all original receipts to the following address:

American Urological Association
ATTN: Helen Scofield/Office of Education
1000 Corporate Boulevard
Linthicum, MD 21090

Allowable expenses are as follows:

Non-Staff Transportation

  • Reimbursed based on 21-day advance coach airfare (with original receipt). Any fare exceeding $400 must be pre-approved by AUA prior to booking.
  • Extra costs for upgrades, travel agent/service fees, or ticket changes/charges after the purchase will not be reimbursed.
  • Fees for changes made to return flights from the meeting, due to inclement weather or other extenuating circumstances, will not be reimbursed without approval.
  • Hourly parking charges at your home airport garage will not be reimbursed. Please utilize long-term parking.

Non-Staff Lodging

  • Maximum one night of lodging reimbursed.
  • If two nights are required to deliver the presentation, contact AUA staff for approval. Two nights must not exceed $675.00.


  • Meals are reimbursed on travel and course days when meals are not provided by the Section at the following rates: maximum breakfast $25, lunch $35, dinner $65 (with original receipts).

Ground Transportation

  • Use of upgraded transportation such as limo, town car, UberSelect, UberBlack or the equivalent from another provider for ground transportation is not reimbursable unless it is the most economical method of transportation available.
  • Ground transportation to and from the meeting location airport will be reimbursed at the average roundtrip taxi cost.
  • Use of a taxi or other transportation to the home airport will be capped at the equivalent cost of mileage plus parking at the long-term rate for the duration of the trip.
  • Expenses in excess of the stated amount will not be covered by AUA. Personal expenses for discretionary items (fitness center, golf, tours, tennis, valet, movies, and other personal services) will not be reimbursed. Family and guest expenses are not reimbursed.


Instructional Course Offering: (1) Course Director – $1,500

APP Course Offering: (2) Faculty – $500/each

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Advanced Practice Provider/Allied Health

APP/Allied Health course option: (4) Clinically relevant lectures on the following topics:

  • Superficial Bladder Cancer - Diagnosis and Management
  • Active Surveillance PCa Management
  • Evaluation of the Patient with Hematuria - New Guidelines and Beyond
  • Treatment Options for Refractory OAB


2020 Guideline: BPH
Course Director: Steven A. Kaplan, MD

Infections/Urodynamics/Voiding Dysfunction

Urodynamics – Indications & Interpretation: A Case-Based Approach
Course Director: Craig Vance Comiter, MD

Recurrent UTIs in Women: Ask the Guideline
Course Director: Jennifer T. Anger, MD

Sexual Function/Infertility

Current Urologic Management of Female Sexual Dysfunction
Course Director: Irwin Goldstein, MD

Oncology: Prostate

2020 Guideline: Advanced Prostate Cancer
Course Director: Michael S. Cookson, MD, MMHC

Oncology: Testis

Testis Cancer: Current Concepts & Controversies
Course Director: Joel Sheinfeld, MD


Urolithiasis: Metabolic Evaluation & Medical Treatment
Course Director: Michael E. Lipkin, MD

Select up to three courses in order of preference: