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Image A

Image B

  • Consists of 3 cylindrical masses of vascularized erectile tissue:

Image C

Image D

    • Corpus spongiosum (CS or corpus cavernosum urethrae) in the ventral midline, which surrounds the penile urethra (image C) & (image D).
    • Surrounded by dense collagenous connective tissue (tunica albuginea), much thicker around the CC where it forms a median raphe between the paired corpora.
    • The deep (Buck's) fascia surrounds all 3 corpora, which in turn is surrounded by the skin dermis.
  • The cap distal end of CS is the glans penis where the urethra exists (meatus).
  • Histology:
    • Corpora consist of irregular cavernous sinuses lined by endothelial cells and with collagenous, elastic and smooth muscle fibers and nerves in the trabeculae.
  • Involvement of corpora is important in stage assessment of penile cancers.