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Epispadias and Hypospadias

Image A

Image B


  • Congenital absence of upper wall of urethra that results in a urethral meatus on the dorsum of the penis (image A).
  • Occurs in 1/117,000 male births.
  • There are 3 main types: penopubic, penile, and glandular.
  • Associated abnormalities: diastasis of the symphysis pubis, bladder exstrophy, renal agenesis, and ectopic pelvic kidneys.

Image C

Image D


  • Urethral opening appears on underside of penile shaft or on the perineum.
  • Occurs in 1/300 live male birth.
  • Locations of meatus: distal to glans (71%); corona (43%); distal shaft (34%), midpenis (16%), and proximal (13%) (image B), (image C), & (image D).
  • Associated abnormalities: cryptorchidism and inguinal hernia.